April 27, 2015

latest furniture finds

i'm so proud of these finds! and i had a lot of fun taking the pictures :)

April 17, 2015

we bought a house!

look what i found today!! it needs a lot of cleaning and renovation : an activity i will enjoy to make with my kid :) and we already have some furniture to play with!!

April 5, 2015

easter hunt

the easter bunny brought lots of chocolate :) it's a lot of fun for the kids but it is even more fun for the parents! we like to add some little wrapped presents to the chocolate, like hair clips or toy cars, so that there is more to find! the vintage basket to collect everything is a must have :)

March 22, 2015


i'm perfecting my technique to make french baguette bread :)
we have a cold and sunny weather today and on this building, the windows seem to have bright blue blinds but it is actually the sky reflecting in them.. houses do not have blinds here in berlin.