October 22, 2014


fall brings amazing colors, even when it rains.
last picture is my first attempt of making french baguettes :)

October 20, 2014

week end findings

so here is what i had the pleasure to find yesterday: a mother and child porcelain doves from Helsingborg Deco Keramik Sweden, two embroidery for a kid's room, a cheese board with dome, a mid century wooden shelf, two articulated dolls, enamel serving spoons. all soon in the shop!!

October 19, 2014


the weather was incredibly warm today and we took our bikes to go to boxhagener platz. it is a very nice place there, with a fleemarket and lots of cute cafes and places to eat. we had some vegan pastries and then came back home through karl marx allee and alexander platz, that look both majestic!

October 17, 2014


i've been lazy lately, not writting on the blog.. i actually got very much into instagram and posted a lot of pictures of new items, streetart and various pictures of berlin. check it out here:

October 11, 2014

home again

this is a great part of our job: being able to see the new home the items we sell are going to. look how this lovely teak and wire shade wall lamp is now wonderfuly featured in C.'s home in Missouri (USA)! it is the perfect reading corner indeed!

October 7, 2014

week end findings [2]

so here is the second part of my last wekk end's findings: a wire and bakelite desk or bedside lamp, a Soholm Denmark Sonja candle holder, a painting's reproduction, a stainless steel and teak serving set, a baby's handmade hat.. all soon in the shop!
last picture is this beautiful japanese"Ema" i got in the mail today. it is a small wooden plaque on which Shinto worshippers write their prayers or wishes. i chose the one with the 3 wise monkeys.